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Welcome to Mr. Gottwalt's  5th Grade Classroom!


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March Events:

 25:  MMSA Spring Fling Fundraiser at Ideal Hall; 6:00 - 11:00PM

 30:  3rd, 4th, 5th graders go to The Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

 30:  MMSA Open House;  6:30PM


 Here's what we are learning this week of March 20, 2017



We are reading Chapters 11-13 of  Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson.   We will continue exploring new vocabulary and create character maps of the main characters .


We are learning how to read and create data with graphs with a focus on identifying the mean, median, mode of a set of data.  We are using our Chromebooks to enter data in a spreadsheet to create a variety of graphs and decide which ones are most helpful in identifying the mean, median, mode, and range as well as comparing data.  We are focusing on deciding which kind of graph (circle, line, bar, etc...) is the best to answer a particular question.  We are also learning how to analyze graphs and write complete statements about comparing data and identifying trends.


We are continuing our exploration of force and motion as we focus on the forces of gravity and friction.  


We are learning about The Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist by focusing on the various parts of the liturgy that surround this most blessed sacrament.  We also have written letters to Archbishop Hebda to ask him questions about his calling and the Catholic faith.   


We are learning about the many causes and effects of exploration to North America.  We are using our chrome books to explore maps and research the history of early exploration in "The New World."  We are also researching several early European explorers to the Americas as we learn about this time period through studying their challenges and accomplishments.


We are choosing from a variety of current debatable topics (e.g. Is homework necessary?) for which to research and find supporting evidence.  Several students will be taking opposing views on the same topic which will lead to interesting debates.  

Our fourth and fifth graders were involved in creating "birthday bags" that were decorated and filled with party supplies to be given to families in need.




The fifth graders had a "blast" dressing up for our "Blast from the Past Day" as we celebrate Catholic Schools Week.                           








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