3rd Grade 






The third graders began learning about light last week. This week they used light kits called "Tech Light Lab", which include three different colors of lights, prisms, mirrors, diffraction slides, and more. The students had a lot of fun using those, especially mixing the colored lights to make new colors and seeing light being broken into the different colors of the spectrum. We will use the light kits again next week.


This is a summary of some of what the third graders worked on in the various subjects this week:

MATH - The third graders have been working on division. This week they solved division story problems, took a test, and did a cumulative review page, including a wide variety of problems.

RELIGION - We prayed the sorrowful mysteries of the rosary this week and began a Lenten section in our religion book. We have also been reflecting on the stations of the cross every Friday in the church.                                              

LANGUAGE ARTS - The third graders read a Scholastic News Magazine with a partner about inventors who are children. They also read some short biographies, reviewed long and short vowel sounds, and practiced letters "Y" and "Z" in cursive. We finally finished the alphabet! The students will continue to practice cursive.     

SOCIAL STUDIES - The students began typing the good copies of their famous people reports. We also read about some of their famous people in our social studies text.

SCIENCE - We reviewed the terms: opaque, transparent, and translucent, and had fun using the light kits.



  • Field trip to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts - Thursday, March 30


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