2nd Grade Page



Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!    

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Read on to learn all about our second grade shenanigans this week.



Happy Birthday, Rebeca!

May God bless you on your birthday and always!


We visited the fourth grade wax museum and met many amazing and famous people!  Congratulations to Mr. Sattler and the fourth graders on a job well done.



This week, the Superkids were anticipating a big basketball game.  They could tell their new friend, Alec, didn’t want to play.  He was embarrassed because he was short.  Another friend showed him his trick shot for short people, which he called the “shrimp shot.”  Second graders knew it as a “granny shot!”


Grammar and Spelling:

Our class worked on words that began with w this week in our spelling list.  We looked at the prefixes mis- and dis-, both of which change the base word to a not version of the meaning.  In addition, we worked with regular and irregular past tense verbs.  These are tricky, as oftentimes students use the wrong one in conversation. (My little brother hitted me!)  If you hear an -ed added to a word where it doesn’t belong, remind them the whole word sometimes changes.



We are spending some time on paragraph writing.  After brainstorming ideas for imaginary super powers, we chose ideas to put into our paragraphs.  A topic sentence followed by three supporting details, wrapped up with a concluding sentence, made for a complete paragraph.  We will continue this practice throughout the spring.



Our groups are practicing fact partners and patterns, subtraction with zeroes and regrouping, and measuring with centimeters.


In our room, we continue to study the parts of the Mass.  This week, we moved into the Liturgy of the Word.  Did you know there are 30-40 congregation responses during the Mass?  We talked about how we respond to the readings and what we say before the Gospel as we make crosses on our forehead, lips, and heart.  Our work also included the creed and prayer of the faithful.  Earlier in our church, people who were not yet fully members were excused prior to the prayers of the faithful.  It was considered a privilege to stay and be able to place your prayers before God.  Our class talked about how these prayers are structured like a funnel.  They begin broad and finish up personal and specific, often offering the prayers we hold in our own heart.




Coming Attractions:

March 12 - No School, Teacher Professional Development Day

March 17 - St. Patrick's Day

March 19 - All School Mass, Feast of St. Joseph

March 21 - Reconciliation Service