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Welcome to Mrs. Roche's Second Grade Page!   

September 17-21, 2018 


Happy fall! 

The days have still been incredibly warm, but they are starting to seem a little shorter.  We pack a lot of excitement into every second grade day!  Here are some highlights from our week:



Allow us to introduce you to our new Bee Bots!  In second grade, we are going to be working with coding - the language of computers.  Before we used the Bee Bots, we practiced with partners, having a driver give the directions and the car or robot following the directions exactly as given.  It was great practice remembering that  they can only do what they are told.  The Bee Bots can store up to 42 coded commands at a time.  We will progress from this to block coding using iPad apps and control another little robot.  


Social Studies:

This week, we talked about elections and what it means to vote.  We've learned that our government leaders are elected by citizens.  A fun story walked us through what it is like to visit a polling place.  To prepare to vote, we worked as a class to design our ballot and planned out how and where we will create a voting booth in our classroom.  The winner in our snack vote was cake, so we celebrated on Tuesday!  Our class also spent several days learning about the three branches of government and the important jobs carried out by each one.



Summertime adventures with the Superkids wrapped up this week.  Tic, Tac, and Toc visited the aquarium.  We learned about Sal’s training plan for swimming, and also read Lily’s postcards from her sister visiting New York.  Frits got interested in ants and we discovered that ants can carry three times their body weight.  If that were true for us, we’d be able to carry a car!



This week, we looked at how words change when we add -ed or -ing at the end.  Those suffixes can tell us about when something happens:  is it going on now, or did it happen in the past?



New spelling words went home on Thursday.  This week’s words are Memory Words.  Memory Words are not phonetically regular or else have letter options for their sounds. Children must learn the spelling of each Memory Word by heart.



Second graders are now the proud authors of an autobiography!  These little gems are almost ready to hang in the hallway, with colorful self-portraits on the front cover.  All students followed our five-step writing process:  plan, draft, revise, edit, and publish.

Next week, we will begin our poetry unit.


We continued looking at the many gifts given to us by God.  This week, we remembered that Jesus’s friends are the Church.  We looked at those who were called to be His disciples and discussed how it looks when we choose to follow Jesus in our lives now.  Our class talked about how we can stay close to Jesus, picturing the story he told, saying, “I am the vine, you are the branches…”  The fruits on our vines are the good deeds we do and good choices we make.



We finished our work on facts and are ready to dig into our math book on Monday!  Our daily math time will include small group instruction with me, as well as rotations involving independent work following up on our lesson, fact practice, and additional skills practice.

We will also continue our NWEA testing this week with math on Monday and Wednesday.



Coming Attractions:

September 17 - Fall NWEA testing begins

September 25 - Parent Information Night

September 27 - Picture Day